"It changed my life." - Four-Time AAIB Scholar Susan Lizzette Jugo


AAIB Scholars are hard-working students and devoted community members as well as disciplined athletes.

They receive funding for tuition, textbooks, and other educational needs at an accredited college or university as well as ongoing guidance from the program. AAIB Scholars overcome great odds to compete under USA Boxing, qualify fo the Olympic Trials, and work in fields like medicine, public health, and architecture.

The AAIB has presented sixty scholarships since their creation in 1993. Six scholarships were awarded in 2014; fourteen in 2015; ten scholarships in 2016;   and fourteen more in 2017.  The number of scholarships we give in 2018 is up to you.



The AAIB Scholarships Application:

The 2017 AAIB Scholars have been announced! Applications for 2018 will be accepted between now and July 1st. To learn about requirements and start your application now, see the form on our connect page.

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Tahree Carroll was raised in Philadelphia. At the age of 14, he was “with the wrong people, doing the wrong things” until he stepped into his first boxing ring. A coach at a local recreation center took a personal interest and guided Tahree into an amateur career that resulted in 4 Golden Glove state titles. Tahree stepped away from boxing for his first three years of college, but he finished his BS in Public Health from Temple with an AAIB Scholarship. He is an Omega Psi Phi brother, an after-school mentor, and a substance abuse counselor. The proud father of 3-year-old Tahree Carroll Jr. hopes to open his own Philadelphia gym to guide other kids through boxing and college.


Luis Feliciano was raised in Milwaukee by immigrant parents from Puerto Rico. He started boxing when he was 7-years-old. Boxing was always on the television at home. “My father bought me my first pair of gloves.” Luis is a 5-time National Champion, currently on the US National Team, and will compete in his second Olympic Trials in December 2015. A two-time AAIB Scholar, Luis has one semester left at Marquette, where he majors in Criminology and Law Studies. Luis hopes to compete in Rio in 2016 and then start a professional career and become World Champion.


Barbara Greely grew up in New Jersey with few extras. She started working 20 hours a week at 12-years-old and her grades suffered. Bullied in middle school, she also got into fights regularly. A boxing coach turned Barbara’s life around. Boxing instilled routine, restraint, and perseverance. “I learned to get back up again.” Boxing out of Gleason’s Jersey Shore, she won the NJ Golden Gloves Championship and graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA. A three-time AAIB Scholar, Barbara attends Monmouth University, majoring in Accounting and Criminal Justice, the combination recommended for anyone who aims to join the FBI.


Andre Henry was born in England. When he was 8-years-old, his family moved outside of Philadelphia, where he learned to hide his English accent and defend himself on the streets. Andre was a black belt by 18 and boxing out of Gleason’s in New York by 21. A particular loss in the ring led Andre to study nutrition, which let to a BS in Chemistry & Physics and a pending MD at UPenn in anesthesiology. He also has a BA and pending PhD in Philosophy “just for himself.” An AAIB Scholar whose motto is “question everything,” Andre regularly mentors younger boxers in the gym who don’t have his instinct for learning.


Susan Lizzette Jugo was born in Lima, Peru and raised in New Jersey. A victim of domestic family abuse, Susan was kicked out of her home at 15-years-old. Boxing and a few important coaches gave Susan the routine and strength she needed to get off the streets. “The ring is my safe place.” She won the New Jersey Golden Gloves and was a finalist for NJ Diamond Gloves in 2012. A four-time AAIB scholar, Susan trains at Elite Heat Boxing Club and fights under USA Boxing while pursuing a degree in architectural technology at Essex County College. Susan regularly makes the Dean’s List.


Matt Lombardi was raised in Brookfield, Connecticut and played soccer in high school. Matt found boxing at the University of Maryland in College Park. An AAIB Scholar in 2011, he studied Mechanical Engineering while competing in the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association Regionals as well as the 2011 NCBA Nationals at West Point. He represented the United States in an International Collegiate Tournament in Portsmouth, England, winning against a fighter from the Royal English Navy. Matt also won a title belt at the 2012 Hill Top Tournament. He graduated with his BS in 2013 and works for Siemens Building Technologies.  


Walter “Schoolboy” Sarnoi was raised in Monterey Park, Los Angeles by a surrogate family, while his mother, an immigrant from Thailand, worked around the clock as a nurse. A victim of bullies, Walter took a daily bus to train at Eddie Heredia Boxing Gym. He became one of the top featherweight amateurs in the nation and earned a degree in finance at Northern Michigan University on an Olympic scholarship. A four-time AAIB scholar, Walter received an MBA and certification as a firefighter and EMT while boxing professionally. Walter speaks 4 languages, regularly volunteers, and recently ran for city council. He wants to be the first Thai-American World Champion.


 Left to Right: Four-time AAIB Scholar Susan Lizzette Jugo, AAIB Board Member Steve Weisfeld, and four-time AAIB Scholar Walter Sarnoi.  ©  2015 Sonya Szotack

Left to Right: Four-time AAIB Scholar Susan Lizzette Jugo, AAIB Board Member Steve Weisfeld, and four-time AAIB Scholar Walter Sarnoi. © 2015 Sonya Szotack

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